Special Workshops

Cenotes Adventure Special Sessions

Freediving Safety Overview with Ren Chapman

Two mandatory out of water and in water sessions with the staff to bring everyone up to par with their freediving safety techniques.
Learn how to manage both a loss of motor control and blackout.
Learn also how to determine which course of action to take in an emergency and the first aid required to resuscitate an unconscious freediver.

Equalization Techniques with Ashley Chapman

Perfect For:
Diagnosing equalization issues
Learning the proper method of equalization for freediving
Learning the skills needed for equalization at deeper depths
Demystifying the mouthfill
Becoming more comfortable in the water

Pranayama for Freediving with Carlos Coste

Perfect For:
Learning about pranayama and its benefits for freediving
Figuring out the perfect pranayama sequence for your freediving routine
Becoming more relaxed before training or performance
Learning the skills needed to regulate breathing

Freediving for Spearfishing with Ren Chapman

Perfect For:
Having a platform to ask questions concerning your current styling
Learning physical techniques to get down faster and stay down longer
Learn the best way to rig your weapon for the environment in which your hunting
Learn best practices for conservation and preserving your catch

Underwater Photography

Cenotes Adventure February 27-March 6

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